The Spritz Creative philosophy is simple:

Create a clear and uncluttered, creative, message.

Boldly communicate in the strongest & most interesting way possible.

Remain consistent and relevant to your core brand message.

It helps if your message has a little “zest”. We do it all and everything in-between. That’s Spritz Creative!

Past & Present Clients:

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Our Team

Don WiningerOwner
Don is creativity personified, able to brainstorm at the drop of a hat and execute hugely successful campaigns.
Chadrick RodeOwner
Jack of all trades, and master of most of them! Chad has a winning track record of being able to pull off the near-impossible while staying on budget.
Michelle McLeanDesigner
With an Advanced Diploma in graphic design, Michelle is also our social media maven. An expert in both the print and digital worlds.
Lora RodePhotography
A natural ability to turn every day objects into stunning visuals, Lora’s expertise in photography helps to define brands.
Patricia WiningerCFO
A shining light of calm and serenity, Trish helps to maintain order throughout the chaotic minds of designers.