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Spritz Creative - Fruit / Team

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Some of us like cats. Some of us REALLY like cats.  Some like J-pop, while others prefer Burt Bacharach. Most of us like burritos. We are a mix of enthusiastic, current young minds and seasoned brains aged in fine wine. Our combined tech skills are NASA-like. We have a team of designers that are fresh, bold, clean, solid, original and inspired. The collective expertise of the Spritz Team offers a powerful suite of services to tackle any communication challenge. 
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New Age Techniques

With Vintage Expertise

Next year Spritz Creative (which began as Wininger Advertising) will celebrate 25 years in business. The world of communication has been reinvented and now operates with tools of unprecedented power. The cost of reaching thousands with a message has never been lower. The analytics to measure results has never been more accurate or incisive. Our team has been trained in all the latest technology and continues to research and understand emerging communication developments.

Meet The Team

The sweetest citrus around.

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Don Wininger

Chief Visionary

A man of a million ideas, Don has been developing creative for clients in Niagara and abroad for over 25 years. Fabric of choice: velour.

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Chadrick Rode

Chief Everything Officer

From design and web to virtual reality and puppetry, he really does it all. Chad aims to merge creative works with technology to evoke emotion. Han shot first.

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Michelle McLean

Project Overlord

Tell me why
Ain’t nothin’ but a due date
Tell me why
Make sure there’s no mistakes
Tell me why
I want to hear a client say
I want it that way

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Telisha Mantini

Design Wizard

Watashitachi no shiniadezainā wa, tanoshiku, fūgawarina, soshite chō sainō no aru dezain-ryoku o kumiawasete imasu.

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Brandon Vellekoop

Web Champion

.brandon  {
height: very tall;   width: undisclosed;   background: dutch;
burrito: please;   glasses: !important;

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Lora Rode

VP of Making Things Run Well

Like some kind of office ninja; Lora appears and… things just get done. She’s also an incredible photographer and a lover of fine wines.