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Job Gym is an Employment Services leader in Niagara. We created the original name and brand in 1997. We have been with them every day since. We developed their first Job Board which was peaking at 5000 visitors a day.

Serving Niagara

Connecting Job Seekers with Great Local Jobs

We live in a world where literally the entire world is accessing international job boards. Finding a qualified local candidate to fill a local job is truly a needle in a haystack. Job Gym works with Niagara employers and job seekers. It’s a local service with a significantly higher percentage of match outcomes than international sites.

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Brand Colours

Pastel Orange

RGB:254, 199, 79
CMYK:0, 21, 72, 0


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Clean, Effective Branding

We developed the iconic Job Gym “swirl” in 1997. It has been updated several times in the past 21 years and now appears as perhaps the cleanest version yet. Fresh and modern, the Job Gym brand competes locally and nationally to attract businesses looking to grow their team and job seekers looking for opportunities within the Niagara region.

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Billboards, Websites, Pens, Giant Candy, Calendars, Clothing, and a few thousand Macaroni Boxes…

The Job Gym brand has appeared on just about everything you can imagine. Spritz has applied innovative promotional ideas to strategic marketing plans that have risen above the din of daily message bombardment. Fun, bold ideas that connect with audiences and drive results.
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Yellow and Black … most of the time.

One of our first assignments with the newly named Job Gym back in 1997 was to create a digital sales package (very advanced for the day) and produce branded CDs for distribution. We had a bold yellow and black layout that was sent across the country for printing and production. The day the CDs were delivered to Job Gym, we received a call. “You better come down here.” When we arrived, the CDs were all pink and black. The printer had assigned the wrong press colour. We got it corrected but it was a VERY surprising start to a new brand launch.

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