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Working to make Niagara a better place to live

Niagara Connects began as the Niagara Research and Planning Council in 2005. For the past 12 years, this group has coordinated research on elements that report on quality of life and has organized individuals and organizations to develop and implement plans and tools for social change.

From Concept

To Action Steps

Every three years, Niagara Connects publishes the Living In Niagara Report. It’s a report card on how we are doing in Niagara over 12 sectors. Each sector also includes actions steps for improvement. Spritz Creative was there in 2005 and remains to this day to assist with various communication initiatives including the website and design of the Living In Niagara Report.

Niagara Infographic

Brand Colours

CG Blue

RGB:0, 115, 161
CMYK:100, 28, 0, 36


RGB:0, 191, 242
CMYK:100, 21, 0, 5

USC Gold

RGB:255, 202, 5
CMYK:0, 20, 98, 0

Niagara Knowledge Exchange

Spritz Creative worked with Niagara Connects to develop the data repository known as Niagara Knowledge Exchange. This advanced website is a great research tool that assists organizations with planning and also features the Niagara Calendar which promotes numerous activities, events and seminars within Niagara.

Niagara Connects Website Mockup

Infographics that matter

The latest Living In Niagara report featured as part of the design, original infographics that call attention to trends and report on issues affecting life in Niagara. These infographics were also brought to life through the work of Spritz’ animation department which was part of the launch video at the 2017 Community Foundation breakfast.

Upcoming Projects

Niagara Connects is working with Spritz to develop promotional material for the upcoming Canadian Open Data Summit to be held in Niagara Falls in the Fall of 2018. This is a very important and exciting event for Niagara as the region participates in leadership initiatives that incorporate access to information, planning and implementation of new informed ideas.

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