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Spritz Creative has assembled a team of talented graphic designers, social media experts, data specialists, advanced motion and animation creators, website builders, photographers and videographers, e-commerce techs and seasoned advertising pros to provide comprehensive marketing services under one roof. From brand design and development to strategic communication implementation and results analysis, Spritz works with clients to develop a plan and measure success. There’s great synchronicity when ALL of these services come from a single source. We manage deadlines and control costs more effectively because Spritz does not rely on third-party suppliers to complete projects. Defining and managing your brand just works better when it comes from one team

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More than a logo, a brand represents the promises your business makes to the marketplace. Spritz works with clients to define and present their brand in an honest and stimulating way.

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Willie Nelson once said, “Where do great songs come from? Do they fall from the sky?” Great ideas, like great songs, are not there one moment and arrive the next. They are a product of agile minds that mold known thought into new shapes that deliver messages that relate thoughtfully and emotionally to recipients. Great creative can break through the hundreds and thousands of messages we receive every day.

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Spritz Creative was an advertising and design company before websites even existed – yes we have been around for awhile. Here at Spritz Creative, we were building websites from day one and have grown with new technology. We combine leading edge programming, functioning and best practices with great design to create fantastic websites. We focus on responsive, mobile friendly solutions that work seamlessly on all viewing platforms. Integrated e-commerce solutions are also built and supported in-house at Spritz Creative.

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Video makes up the largest category of online content. Video posts typically are more effective in activating viewers thanks to motion, sound and the opportunity to present an energetic message. Spritz utilizes advanced editing and special effects along with inspired and branded graphics to create wonderful videos. We even write and produce original music if needed.

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Social Media

We have a team of exceedingly bright people who understand all the complexities and opportunities of today’s social media landscape.
Spritz develops campaigns that are applied to all media platforms. We integrate call-to-action triggers and measure conversions.
We have the experience to set up successful posts and sometimes posts “explode”. That’s fun.

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Our graphic design team combines beautiful visions with technical production knowledge to apply client brands to everything from wine labels and signs to print and promotional items. We have worked with national brands and small business stars.

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We collect a lot of data. We utilize multiple analytic tools to target, monitor, summarize and identify bright lights of success among the myriad of numbers that are connected to every digital campaign we launch. We use live data and are strategically agile where we can shift our focus on the fly to maximize returns for client media investment. You want to know how successful your campaign was – we will give you detailed reports. Stop the guesswork.

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Search Engine Optimization

How many times have you heard the line “we can get your business to the top of Google”. Don’t buy it! Google is smarter than those consultants and actually penalizes companies that try to “trick” their way to the top. Google is in business to provide viewers the best possible outcome for their web search. How can your company be the best search result? Be honest with content, be frequent, be recent, be data formatted with content, apply appropriate tags and connect with relative content outside your website. We can help you do all of those things.

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Virtual Reality

Spritz is always looking at the newest forms of communication. We’ve been working with Virtual Reality for the past 6 years. Applications for this technology are now happening in the marketplace. We also produce 3D animation and modelling – see the Spritz Soda bottle on our home page. We have highly skilled individuals in-house that not only reside in our offices but can build an actual life-like facsimile of themselves working in their office. That’s weird.