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Homemade – right here in Niagara!

We love what we do. There are three things in particular that put a smile on our faces at Spritz. First, when we design something beautiful or bold or captivating. Second, when we launch a strategic campaign and the results come back better than we had anticipated and third, when our clients give us feedback about their successes.

M.T. Bellies Logo and Burger Creative
M.T. Bellies Restaurant
Big Food! Big Fun! Big Congratulations!

A Niagara restaurant of legendary appeal. We’ve been working with M.T. Bellies for the past 21 years and were thrilled to create their 25th Anniversary brand.

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Job Gym
Enriching communities in the Niagara Region, one job at a time.

We created the Job Gym brand in 1997 and have been with them ever since.

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Job Gym Logo and Chairs
Rice Road Logo and Flowers
Rice Road Greenhouses
Niagara’s Largest Garden Centre!

A family business that knows how to grow.

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Subs Plus
Niagara’s favourite cakes and subs. Hands Down!

It’s a joy to help market their beloved products.

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Subs Plus Logo and Cake
Niagara Connects Logo and Dot Connections
Niagara Connects
Information. People. Planning. Action.

Working together to improve quality of life in Niagara.

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