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Niagara’s Gardening Family for Three Generations

We have many client meetings at our Spritz office but we regularly like to visit our clients’ locations. A meeting at Rice Road Greenhouses is always a joy thanks to the seemingly endless backdrop of beautiful flowers and plants. We have worked with the Moes family since we started the agency. The early years were spent marketing Broadway Gardens and we added Rice Road to our client list when it was acquired by Jerry Moes and his family. They are wonderful to work with and truly have the most magnificent garden centre in Niagara.

Planting Seeds

For Business Growth

Rice Road has been with Spritz Creative through the entire transition from traditional marketing to a digital and social media focused plan. Rice Road has a very strong brand thanks to their high level of knowledge and customer service in addition to a commitment of carrying the highest quality products while featuring a selection that is unmatched. Our goals were to plant the seeds of social media to increase geographic market awareness and greater customer connection while migrating media choices to higher return options. The result was increased business without increased marketing expenses.

Rice Road Mother's Day

Brand Colours


RGB:223, 98, 37
CMYK:7, 75, 100, 1

Pastel Violet

RGB:196, 149, 191
CMYK:0, 23, 2, 23


RGB:232, 232, 232
CMYK:0, 0, 0, 9

Social Media & Gardening – A Perfect Match!

We never have a challenge finding a great image to promote Rice Road on Instagram or Facebook or Youtube. Perhaps the only challenge is to decide what amazing image to leave out. In addition to fabulous photos, we have created beautiful original illustrations thanks to a very talented artist we have on our Spritz team. Our motion graphic specialist then brought the drawings to life – very cool stuff!

Rice Road Instagram Mockup

Watercolour, Water Plants

Whether you are creating an interesting and inspiring graphic design or selecting the plants for a stunning garden, there are many similar thoughts that fill your imagination. We try to present a wide visual array for Rice Road Greenhouses in our communication plans to help attract the creative minds out there that love to “paint from the largest pallet of colours available.”

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