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Niagara’s Favourite Cakes and Subs!

Anyone who knows Wendy and Rob Dumas, knows exactly where the love in Subs Plus cakes comes from. They have made thousands of cakes since opening their doors in 1985 on Queenston St. in St. Catharines – yet every individual cake still seems special.

Small Shop

Big Flavour and Freshness

Every time I have a meeting at Subs Plus and I mention that I recently had a sub sandwich or cake, Rob asks me – “how was it?” After 30 plus years, he still really cares that your sub or cake was as good as it could be. That consistency comes through in their products day after day.

Subs Plus Cakes
Subs Plus Gluten Free

Brand Colours

Cyan Cobalt Blue

RGB:24, 87, 153
CMYK:84, 43, 0, 40

Vivid Tangerine

RGB:248, 172, 146
CMYK:0, 30, 41, 2

Deep Carmine Pink

RGB:237, 50, 55
CMYK:0, 78, 76, 7

Our Favourite Social Media Success Story

Spritz had been working with Subs Plus for a number of years building their website and doing various promotions. We really wanted to take a shot at their Facebook page. At the time it was being managed by an in-house person. But we kept bugging them anyway since we didn’t see a lot of movement on engagement. When they did give us the green light things TOOK OFF! – better than we had expected. We knew they had a strong brand but they were not using social media tools of targeting and boosting. Within 4 weeks, we went from 100 likes to more than 4000. These were targeted, geo-targeted, engaged likes (the best kind). That success now provides an extremely cost-effective media platform for all our current and future customer engagements.

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Just waiting for digital taste …

Spritz has applied modern marketing techniques to an established, traditional small business – bakery and sandwich shop – leveraged the hard-earned goodwill of the client’s brand to create very successful campaigns. When a digital taste app becomes available, look out! For now, you will need to experience the great taste of Subs Plus the old fashioned way – buy a cake or sub … Niagara’s favourite!
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