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A few words from some of our favourite people

Jerry Moes and his family were our very first client back in 1994. He was running the garden centre business his father had started in the early 60’s. Jerry is now a grandfather, many times over, and we see his adult children whenever we stop by to discuss our upcoming promotions. Spritz has built a business based on long-term relationships grounded in the continued commitment to our clients’ success. We appreciate their lifelong business and the kind words they have expressed here.

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“We began working with Spritz in 1997. Menus, websites, social media, they have done it all for more than 20 years. Spritz has helped us grow and develop our brand and did a great job on our 25th Anniversary promotion. They even got me to sing in our own video.”

John Clark – M.T. Bellies

20 Years with Spritz
15 Years with Spritz
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“We have made thousands of cakes and subs for more than 30 years in Niagara. Spritz helped show us how much people really loved our products. They took our 100-like Facebook to almost 5000 in a very short time. Social media is now the foundation for all our marketing. It’s amazing.”

rob & wendy dumas – Subs Plus